It has been 24 hours since I signed my contract with C.Y.L.E. Literary Agency and the shock is finally starting to wear off. I e-signed the documents yesterday morning, before work, and they signed them soon after. It is official. I am a contracted writer. Which sounds more like a disease than anything else. I have ‘contracted’ a serious case of Writing.

I love puns.

That doesn’t mean the work is over. Far from it, the work is just beginning. My agent is going to send me format instructions on the formal Book Proposal that gets sent to the Publishing companies and I will work on that today and over the weekend. Yesterday, in addition to notifying my agent that I signed the contract, per her request, I forwarded along the manuscript for Seer, the second book I wrote. I think it has the potential to be two books if I really work my butt off, otherwise it is a great single book in its own right. We’ll see.

I am impatiently waiting the arrival of September as many fun things are happening that month including, but not limited to, the Writers Digest IndieLab Conference in Cinncinati. I’m going with one of my biggest fans and supporters, fellow writer, friend, and step-mom; Annie.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Bye for now!

UPDATE: Writing a Book Proposal is REALLY HARD!

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