Y’All Better Be Voting


See this link here:


This is an important link.  For everyone living in Michigan this is a critical link.  It is a link for this election’s League of Women Voters voter’s guide.

What does that mean?  Unbiased information on all the candidates you can vote for tomorrow.  It means knowledge and knowledge is power.  The power to evoke real change.  Because if you don’t vote you aren’t just not voting, you are giving the power to effect that change to someone else.  Someone who you might not necessarily agree with.

If you haven’t decided who you are voting for in some or all of the brackets, I urge you to take a look at this catalog.  For all non-Michigan residents, please refer to the site https://www.lwv.org/ to find your specific state’s guide.

This is important.

This matters.

I hope you will make the choice to vote.


Bye for now!

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