Marketing Takes WORK

In the above images you will note that. In the whole of 2019, I got just under 3000 views to my website. Just over halfway through 2020 and I’m pretty close to hitting those numbers again. I attribute this to many factors: my book releasing, a concerted effort on my part, and the dystopian novel that we call Current Events.

I’ve been pushing hard, mostly via Facebook, to make my presence known and the numbers don’t lie. It’s working.

But I want to keep that momentum going and because I didn’t have the foresight to major in Writing and minor in Marketing I need help.

That’s why I reached out to Amy’s company New Shelves Books. I met Amy at the Cincinnati Writer’s Digest conference in the late summer of 2018 (can’t believe it’s almost been TWO years since that event) and she was one of the presenters.

I got some great advice from her, as well as her card, and an offer to work together in the future when I’m ready. Well I had a very productive phone call with her the other day and am fervently hoping that my numbers grow quickly in the coming months with the help I’ve recruited.

Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “Marketing Takes WORK

  1. I knew the minute I met you that you were a force to be reckoned with. Loved your book and keep on keeping on. You are doing great!

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