See above for an accurate representation of my current frame of mind.

Well if you’re reading this you survived 2020. Congrats! But we can’t let down our guard just yet. There are still many unresolved plot lines that 2020 has left for us to complete. For example, what the heck happened to murder hornets??? Weren’t they supposed to be a thing?

I rang in the New Year in a festive manner. By working till 7PM and then hanging with my guy friend. He took me bowling and we went through a drive through Hines Park to see the lights.

It was beautiful and I only got a little car sick.

For the most part I was really looking forward to January 2nd. On that night I went to the Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo. If you aren’t a Michigan Native you probably aren’t familiar with this magnificent event but it is a sight to behold. And given that we’d be outside, wearing masks, I decided to go and hope for the best.

I went with David, a guy I have been dating, and we had a blast. One of the aspects of it that I am initiating the ‘Year of the Yeti’ at work featuring Yuri the Yeti. In my efforts to promote a positive work culture I will be putting a Yuri the Yeti related post every week. Here are the pictures I managed to snag from Saturday night!

Bye for now!

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