Happy? Anniversary & AUDIOBOOK

This past Saturday marked exactly one year, 365 days, since I was sent to work from home temporarily until covid was over. One year later and I might be going back to the office on a part time basis this fall/winter. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

It’s been a wackadoo 12 months, that’s for sure.

Ironically, it was not my worst year all things considered. I made positive career decisions at my company, became a published author, took great strides in achieving a healthier me both physically and emotionally, and have been dating someone steadily for the past 2 and a half months.

In the immediate future I look forward to removing the splint I now wear after spraining the tendon that runs down the pinky after falling down the stairs as well as the publishing of my YA novel Seer!!!!

This last week my book was included as part of a multi-book promo that Amazon did wherein my book was 99 Cents! On that day I ended up selling almost 800 copies of the e-book so things like this ended up happening:

And last but certainly not least, my audiobook is done and available for sale!

The Sword and Shield by Emma Khoury | Audiobook | Audible.com

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