The Sword & Shield – Ezra Toth

The Sword and Shield has many wonderful characters, but I am especially proud of this story’s main protagonist, Ezra Toth.  He’s reminds me a bit of the love child between Deadpool and Inigo Montoya.  See below for a picture that, I believe, best represents Ezra’s appearance. While the […]

Top 5 Ways to Stay Focused

So this isn’t just related to writers, all people occasionally have trouble focusing, finding motivation to do their work or, in my case, writing.  Translating the thoughts in my head to words on the page.  Here are some quick things I’ve found to help me focus. Adderall: Now […]

Let’s Get Started!

*Insert Australian Accent Here* Look closely, here we see a writer in her natural habitat.  Observe, the desperate look in her eyes as her fingers fly over the keyboard, just barely keeping up with the ideas pouring forth from her brain.  The hunched posture, as if she wishes […]