Happy Pi Day!

Today we celebrate a two-fold holiday, honoring both mouthwatering pastry and math alike. Yesterday was also a holiday, though it really only has meaning if, like myself, Detroit is near and dear to your heart.

For those who aren’t in the know, yesterday was 313 day! 313 is the area code in Detroit so it’s kind of like a celebration of the city.

In other news, I’m officially actually finally for-real-this-time starting on the edits for Seer. I’m a tactile person so I had the PDF with my agent Amy’s edits on it printed out and I’m re-reading and re-familiarizing myself with the world I created before I start weaving in the finer details and nuances that I missed with my first go.

Summer of Sales!

Things that happen when Emma doesn’t check dimensions prior to ordering stuff online: Exhibit A.

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, or at least since last spring, you’ll remember I had a ball (and made a good chunk of change) at the Royal Stagg Renaissance Festival in Marshall, Michigan last year. Well I signed up and will be there May 7th and 8th! And THIS time, I’ll have an actual full sized tent, lol.

In addition, I was waitlisted for a vendor spot at the Lakeshore Art Festival ‘Author’s Alley’ in Muskegon, Michigan and was notified last week that a spot opened up for me. I’ll be there the June 25th and 26th!

Very excited for the warm weather and events that this summer will bring.

Bye for now!

Goodbye February – Hello National Reading Month!

Of the numerous books read to me as a child, the above is easily favored above the rest. I have a pair of my mother’s earrings that depict a scene, I have plans to get a reference to the story tattooed on my person, and I very much plan to read it to my children should I choose to reproduce.

The story of the mischievous raven is one of many beloved characters I grew to love. Borreguita, Anansi, Abeyoyo, Heckety Peg. The list goes on and on. Between both of my parents I was afforded the luxury of travel to lands near, far, and fictional.

During this month my blog posts will focus on reading and why it is so important to me.

Please don’t hesitate to comment with a book that you feel changed or influenced you in some fundamental way.

bye for now!

Hello Nepal!

One of the many fun features tied into the running of a blog is that I can see where people are tuning in from. This doesn’t apply to those subscribed to my newsletter and get it in their e-mail but for people who actually go to http://www.emmakhoury.com they pop up on this little map. I have pretty consistent readership from the ol’ U.S. of A. of course but what has always surprised me is the consistent viewership from Nepal of all places.

The romantic daydreamer in my has visions of someone in Kathmandu, or even on the slopes of Everest itself, perusing my humble website. To the person from Nepal who checks out my page on the weekly, post in the comments!

Would love to say hi!

bye for now!

Fan Casting The Sword & Shield Movie

I have, as many authors do, often fantasized about what my movie would look like, were The Sword & Shield to grace the television and/or movie screen. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have a very clear lead actor in mind, though by the time production would (in my hypothetical dreams) begin, he’d be a bit too old to portray the 32 year old Ezra Toth.

Below you will find my fantasy cast. Not a feasible cast as I have yet to gain access to the Fusion Energy Reactor that Doc uses to power his DeLorean. This cast is based on a combination of acting talent, mere appearance as it relates to my vision of the character, and hopeful daydreams. My original intention was to list them based off importance but that very much did not happen, lol.

So I ask you to go with me and, under the assumption that time travel is one day utilized by Hollywood, please see below for my dream cast:

As seen above, Zach McGowan portrays the pirate captain Charles Vane. It was from this character that I drew a good deal of inspiration whilst describing Ezra and if I had my ways a 30 something Zach would be my Ezra in whatever screen adaptation I might be blessed with.
While Kylie Rogers doesn’t have a huge body of work to her name, as soon as I saw her face I saw Marya. I can’t speak to her acting but, as a woman in her late teens she is the right age and look to play the fiery Ruskin seamstress and sister-figure to Ezra.
As an avid fan of K-Drama I will admit that Lee Dong-Wook’s acting in the show ‘Goblin’ made me sob. He would undoubtedly bring Christophe to life in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. He’d definitely be too old to play the 20 something prince but a girl can dream.
The stern and dignified Joseph (Joe) as portrayed by Timothee Chalamet would be nothing less than perfect. His rare needs to meet the comedic bickering that ensue between himself and Ezra had me doubting Chalamet as a choice until I remembered his recent role in the film ‘Don’t Look Up’. No time machine would be necessary for this actor though given his A-List status, the chances of nabbing him for the role are just as unlikely as those requiring time travel.
Colton Haynes doesn’t just have the looks to match Prince Daniel, he has killer acting chops to boot! If you are a fan of the campy MTV tv series ‘Teen Wolf’ you’ll know he can convey both the sociopathic, rageful, and rare vulnerable moments that are necessary for this role.
Another big name I have no hopes of nabbing, Mads Mikkelsen is King Lionel to a T.
Another ‘Teen Wolf’ alum, Dylan O’Brien is a comedic genius without compare in his age range. Ian’s character would only be elevated to new heights if Dylan was willing to sign on for the role.

Are these the only characters in my book? Not even close! But these are some of the key players and some of the most vivid to be sure.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has read The Sword & Shield to chime in with their own ideal casting pics. Especially for characters not listed above.

bye for now!

Took A Beat – And Right Back To It

Well, it finally happened. After months of checking the Delta app to watch the number of days till Check-In dwindle down to zero, I finally got my vacation! I stayed with my parents in Naples and achieved my ultimate goal: relaxation. I have been wound up so tight these past few months that this reprieve was much needed. I slept (a LOT) and read and had a blast!

Of course when I landed this is what greeted me but you won’t hear me complaining!

bye for now!

Crunch & Noom & Oculus: Oh My!

Crunch, Noom and Oculus are going to be things I (hopefully) mention quite a bit moving forward. For those unfamiliar, Crunch Fitness is a gym franchise and Noom is a habit tracking app. Oculus I’ll explain in a bit. I plan on utilizing all three to attain a healthier self in 2022.

I went to Crunch for two classes this past Saturday morning (with my bestie Amanda reluctantly dragged along) and have been spending about 10 minutes a day on Noom going through lessons and logging food/water/weight.

I’m also saving up to get an Oculus Quest 2. For those unfamiliar, it is a VR (virtual reality) headset and you can play games and exercise with it. I figure, fifteen to twenty minutes a day on the Oculus and the gym twice a week I can get to my healthy goal and then some by my birthday!

I’m coming to the realization that my body is a temple and it’s proving difficult to worship at the altar of creativity if that temple is crumbling. So I’m taking care of my body so that I can have a healthier headspace from which to write more books!

Bye for now!

Hello Cleveland!

I got an e-mail through work notifying me that I won tickets to see TSO (TranSiberian Orchestra) on Thursday 12/30 at 8PM in…Cleveland!

I’ve been listening to their albums every holiday since before I can remember so naturally I said hellz yes and called Amanda to let her know she was road tripping with me. I phrased it as a question but we both knew she was going.

Two and a half hours (one way) later we were at the RocketMortgage FieldHouse in the ‘Champion Suite’. The food? Amazing. The alcohol? Quality (or so I’m told since I don’t drink, lol). The view? Well look at those pics!

A numerous points in the show I found that my mouth was hanging open in awe. That’s how stellar they were. After years of hearing them I thought I knew what to expect but I was so so wrong. They were a million times better in person!

So I got home at 2AM on the 31st and, consequently, rang in 2022 unconscious as I went to bed at 7:30PM after a hugely successful first date. Me and this guy Travis met early afternoon at Dave & Busters and did dinner after that. It was a four hour first date. We just kept talking and laughing and it was amazing.

So I’m hopeful going into 2022 that, come what may, I’m ready to face it!

bye for now!

2022: I’m Looking At You

I’ve got some high expectations for the coming year and while I’m trying not to think about the fact that 2022 could be interpreted as ‘2020 too’ I also respect that to-do lists are guidelines more than hard and fast rules. The reason I say that is because I’ve got quite a lot planned for the coming year:

  • Take one class per 10 week term starting late March (for my master’s degree)
  • Finish edits for Seer and work with my agent to find a Publishing House for it
  • Decide which of my Works In Progress (Ethe (trilogy), Phantasia, Skye(trilogy), Sea & Storm, Why Is Mommy Sad?) get my attention next
  • Resume a regular gym schedule
  • Create and stick to a budget
  • Get my condo to a state where 15-30 minutes of daily maintenance are all that is needed
  • Find a way to promote and raise awareness for The Sword & Shield
  • Be more active in my self-marketing efforts

So like I said, an ambitious list for the coming year but I think it’s attainable. The last thing I need is to set myself up to fail by biting off more than I can chew so I left off a few things that I’d like to do but am not committing to for this upcoming year.

Above all I plan on making the focus of 2022 center around self-improvement. I know I still have growing to do emotionally and part of being an adult is taking ownership of the need to constantly work towards the best version of yourself.

Like they say, grow through what you go through.

See you in the new year and

Bye for now!