Random Plot Ideas and Where they Come From

Honestly I have no clue.

Maybe I have a muse who works alongside my guardian angel. She whispers ideas in my ear while I’m in the shower or by waking me up at 3AM. The Sword & Shield came from a cat scratch that wasn’t healing properly. Still not sure where Seer came from, and pretty sure my current Work in Progress was a fever dream, lol. It’s too weird to be anything else.

Right now my muse may be on vacation – or on strike. Who knows? These ethereal beings can be temperamental. As long as they don’t form a union and demand pay and benefits I’ll be fine.

Does a Muse need health insurance?

Anyways, I don’t have much in the form of immediate news. Exciting things are in the process of forming into a reality but not so soon that I want to jinx them by attempting to speak those pieces of news into existence if that makes sense.

I hope the weather is better where you are and that you all have a wonderful week!

Bye for now!

Seer: Be Seeing You Real Soon!

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So as many of you know I had a contract with a lovely publishing house and was due to release Seer in late May of this year. Due to a confluence of events and at the fault of no one involved, my agent and I have made the decision to pull the book, give it a little more fine tuning, and pitch it elsewhere later this year.

What does that mean? It means that, at the absolute earliest, Seer will release in late 2022. While this bums me out significantly I know that, ultimately, it was the right decision for my book and for myself.

In other news I had some internal interviews at my company the 6th and 7th of May. I had originally hoped to hear something the following week but came to terms with the fact that these things take time and anything worth fighting for is worth the wait.

I didn’t get one of the positions but it was due to a lack of experience, and nothing I did wrong, so that brings me comfort. I have a second interview friday and an interview for another position Wednesday/tomorrow.

Wish me luck and

bye for now!

A Trip Back in Time aka Day at the Faire!

I didn’t read the description on Amazon. Instead of a 8 ft tall tent I ended up with a 5.9 ft tent (at the peak)  🤦‍♀️

This past weekend I sold my book as a vendor at The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire in Marshall, Michigan.

At 6AM Gipsy Danger and I got in the car and drove roughly an hour and a half to mid-Michigan and began to unpack the car. My initial hope was that, were I to need help setting up my canopy tent, that nearby vendors would find it in their heart to assist me. As I flailed about trying to do a two person job on my own, I caught the attention of a volunteer who did end up helping me thankfully.

Sweltering weather had been predicted which was why I’d armed myself with both an oscillating fan and a wearable fan. Unfortunately the oscillating fan drained my little portable generator (I named her Jenny) as the day reached peak heat. So that was unpleasant.

My original goal was to sell 30 books over the course of this weekend. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, and that’s because it really isn’t, but events like this have always been a bit of a crap-shoot where sales have been concerned.

Day one I ended up selling 23!!!

The next morning I slept through three of my four alarms and had to get out and walk around twice on the way back to the faire but I made it!

Someone actually asked to take a picture with me! I was so taken aback that when she asked my initial reaction was: “Wait, what?”

It was a bit nerve-wracking as the day progressed. The weather foretold rain and storms that would supposedly start at 4PM.

It started sprinkling around 2:30 and then stopped. Then started and stopped. The weather played my emotions like a fiddle.

Fortunately it was only ever a light sprinkling unlike the storm we were supposed to get.

My final tally on books sold over the course of the weekend?


Maybe. It might actually be higher. My Adderall wore off around 2PM and so I wasn’t as on top of keeping track, lol.

I had a blast this weekend and am looking forward to selling my book at the Canterbury Village open air market June 19th and 20th!

Bye for now!

The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire!

Greetings and good morrow gentle bipeds, it is I! Your favorite author!

Well…favorite is probably a bit of a stretch but I’d like to think I’m in at least one person’s Top 10.

I’ve started on what I hope to be my third completed book and have already hit a bump but am going to bulldoze over that sucker and plow on ahead! It’s shaping up to be the most difficult story yet as I have taken on some ambitious themes and concepts as well as having to requisition copyright access for a song that Sony owns.

I’m really excited for the weekend because I will be selling The Sword & Shield at the Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire in Marshall, MI! For my local fans words cannot describe how much I would love to meet you in person! And for my non-local fans who are down for a road trip my heart may just burst with joy upon your arrival!

It’s a much smaller faire when you compare it to the one in Holly which, for my non-michiganders, is a permanent and enormous set of stalls, stages, and castles. But if you’d be interested in seeing me in costume peddling my wares all the info can be found at:


Hope to see you there and

Bye for now!

The Amazing Amy & Her Band of Misfits (Me)

May be an image of Amy Collins

I mentioned it briefly in my last March post but I want to go into detail into the transition I’ve made in literary agents. Alyssa is now on her own writing journey and I wish her only the best as she continues to grow as an author and editor.

I was beyond fortunate to have literally no time between agents. One seamlessly transitioning to the other. When Amy agreed to be my agent I was overjoyed, as my original reason in reaching out to her was simply to see if she knew of any agents looking for clients.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of activity as far as making sure Sword & Shield are taken care of and establishing a plan moving forward. She is amazingly attentive and tolerant of my neurotic tendencies that, when combined with zero patience, result in a very chaotic energy.

Sometimes we hit a bump in the road. It’s your choice whether or not you want to remain stuck or muster the energy required to overcome it.

Bye for now!