America’s Next Great Author: Yay or Nay?

This past weekend was the announcement of who was chosen to participate in the filming of the show’s pilot and it was nerve wracking to say the least. Full transparency, I checked the application status page multiple times a day. Like…double digits.

But Saturday finally came and with it, the announcement!

Drumroll please….

It’s a no from the judges. And honestly? I’m a little relieved. Opportunities like this will come up again, but when I’m ready. The universe knew I wasn’t at this juncture and so, didn’t make this available to me.

Next time for sure!

bye for now!

Another Year, Another Ren Fest

I celebrated my birthday (belated) this past Saturday. the 24th, at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI. I was fortunate enough to spend it with two of my favorite people, Sam and Amanda.

Fun, faire, and food (in the form of turkey legs). What could be better?

It rained on and off with an average of 60 degrees throughout but at least, for the first year in a good long while, I didn’t have to worry about heat stroke!

This Saturday I learn whether or not I need to start saving to fly out for the filming of the America’s Next Great Author pilot. I’m of two minds about it to be totally transparent. The part of me that wants to excel as an author and broaden my horizons is raring to go at this opportunity. The part of me that likes cuddling in a blanket with cocoa on a rainy day would be ok not getting selected.

It’s in the hands of the judges now.

Wish me luck and

bye for now!

Lights, Camera, Application Submitted!

Well I did it. I wrote a 10 pager of one of my many works in progress, I filmed (with my bestie’s help) an audition video, and I wrote a pitch and author bio. The deadline was this past Thursday and, in true Emma fashion, I just barely made it.

I did my best to stand out in the video and be my genuine, quirky self while still getting my pitch across in the 60 seconds allotted. Of the thousands of authors that I’m sure have also applied, only 20 are going to be selected. So the odds are hardly in my favor and yet, hope remains alive within me!

The book I pitched for the application is a personal favorite called Phantasia. Phantasia is what happens when Inception and Alice in Wonderland have a baby. It’s very trippy and fun and I am lowkey obsessed with the possibilities available to me.

bye for now!

Emma’s First Book Signing: A Reflection

I’m not sure what I expected from an in-store book signing but, for a first time, it wasn’t terrible. In the three hours I was there I sold 10 books, three of which were purchased by bookstore employees.

It was a learning experience and I had some great conversations with the store patrons who decided to stop by my table.

Live and learn.

My next/last event of 2022 is at Spirited Seas Ren Faire in Battle Creek, MI this November!

bye for now

September 3rd – Mark Your Calendars!

It’s official, less than a week till my Book Warehouse book signing in Howell, MI!

It turns out I’ll be flying solo at the event so anyone who wants to come out to say high would be greatly appreciated. And there will be SNACKS!

That’s all for today.

Hope to see you and

bye for now!

Take A Beat + Event!

Sorry for going AWOL for a bit. My new job has been occupying a good deal of my energy along with a new guy that shows promise and revising Seer.

That being said, burnout is real and so this trip I took this past weekend was perfectly timed. My bestie Amanda’s family has a lakeside cottage in Indiana so, after work Friday, I booked it home and we got on the road.

There was a small scare en route when we learned that the AC may not be working but fortunately that crisis was averted. I am not a fun person to be around when at risk of overheating.

As you can see from the above pictures I had a blast out on the lake and got tons of sun (not pictured but I got a killer sunburn on my nose).

I also took many many naps when I wasn’t out by or in the lake. All in all, a successful weekend.

In other news, only two years and five months after release, The Sword & Shield gets its time in the spotlight! I will be at The Book Warehouse of Howell Saturday, September 3rd from 1PM-4PM selling (and signing) copies of my book! I would absolutely LOVE to see some of you there!

Space: The Final Frontier

Dang girl, is your phone’s camera equipped with the James Webb Space Telescope?

Because your selfies are out of this world!

Between the title of this week’s post and that Grade ‘A’ pick up line I start it with, if you didn’t know I was a nerd before you certainly should now.

And I’m not any ordinary nerd; the qualities that make me so are legion.

  1. Glasses (and I collect them)
  2. Hoarder of sci-fi and fantasy related knick-knacks/tchotchkes/books/movies
  3. A wealth of useless information
  4. Puns
  5. A childhood dream of being Sally Ride when I grew up
  6. A zest for administrative duties

“But Emma,” you say, “What do you mean ‘zest for administrative duties’? That seems a bit random.”

Good reader, you are 1000% correct. It is random. But let me tell you, administrative tasks like creating spreadsheets, drafting new training documents, and outlining policies and procedures bring me so much joy. It’s a skill set that has come in handy, benefitting me in both upward trajectory of my career as well as mentally. No one wants to do menial/rudimentary administrative tasks that they find boring. It’s why Mr. Incredible had such a hard time working in insurance. It simply wasn’t his jam.

Give me some music and fun accoutrements to adorn my desk and I’m a happy camper!

All this to say the new job is going GREAT!

bye for now!

New Beginnings

Last week I started a new job!

After almost three years at the Rock Family of Companies it was time to move on. I am so so excited to explore this new role and its challenges. Because what is life without challenges to overcome?

Am I going to say it’s perfect? No, because nothing is perfect and there are numerous movies that explain why even perfection has its flaws. What I will say is that it looks like 99% perfect match for me which is really all anyone can ask for.

I am still working on edits for Seer but have given myself till mid-September to finish them.

Wish me luck and,

bye for now!

Think Happy Thoughts

If you could share this image on your socials I would be forever grateful!


Once in a lifetime.

First time in recorded history.

These are all phrases that can and have been used to describe recent history. It’s easy to get bogged down by it all. It would be easy to give in to despair. I had a good cry Friday night when it all hit me like a bullet train.

But while tears are sometimes a necessary part of the grieving process they are only tears. They don’t do anything except release emotional pressure. Real change comes from action.

I know one thing for sure. I will not allow recent events to sidetrack me from my goals. I will not cave.

What I will do? That’s up in the air right now. But one thing is certain. I’m not going to stop writing.

Bye for now!