Indie Flea GR: The Sequel

So due to a lucky break a spot opened up in this past Saturday’s Grand Rapids Indie Flea. This pun is in exceptionally poor taste as the space I’m taking belonged to someone who just broke their arm. However, I couldn’t not use the pun. It’s a sickness […]

Their Our Know Rules

  I know I spout off a lot of stuff about things you should do, and things you shouldn’t do, but believe me when I say there are exceptions to EVERY rule.  Don’t you dare let my perception of what is the correct way to do things in […]

The Kzoo St. Valentines Day Massacre Event

This Saturday I attended the Kalamazoo St. Valentines Day Massacre and Winter Tournament of Chivalry at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center. My wonderful friend Sam came with me and, per instructions from the event’s coordinator, we were dressed to the nines. It’s a bit like a mini-renaissance fair […]

But Did You DIE?

Those who know me are painfully aware that, for such a low-key person, I am a drama llama. An aggressively over-the-top describer of insignificant inconveniences. For instance, as I write this post at 6:50PM on a Thursday, I am currently dying. Am I, really? No, not really. But […]

Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?

So I’ve been busy. Like super busy. Super hella busy. You get the idea. But all this craziness is, in no small part, due to my life as a writer. I’ve got some stuff I can go into and some I can’t but today we’re going to focus […]

GIVEAWAY (Twitter and Facebook)

Hello friends, family, and followers, You guys give me your attention every week and, while I return that time spent with continuous new content, I feel like giving a little bit more this week. Especially in honor of the fact that I’m on AMAZON! Not only that, but […]