Space: The Final Frontier

Dang girl, is your phone’s camera equipped with the James Webb Space Telescope?

Because your selfies are out of this world!

Between the title of this week’s post and that Grade ‘A’ pick up line I start it with, if you didn’t know I was a nerd before you certainly should now.

And I’m not any ordinary nerd; the qualities that make me so are legion.

  1. Glasses (and I collect them)
  2. Hoarder of sci-fi and fantasy related knick-knacks/tchotchkes/books/movies
  3. A wealth of useless information
  4. Puns
  5. A childhood dream of being Sally Ride when I grew up
  6. A zest for administrative duties

“But Emma,” you say, “What do you mean ‘zest for administrative duties’? That seems a bit random.”

Good reader, you are 1000% correct. It is random. But let me tell you, administrative tasks like creating spreadsheets, drafting new training documents, and outlining policies and procedures bring me so much joy. It’s a skill set that has come in handy, benefitting me in both upward trajectory of my career as well as mentally. No one wants to do menial/rudimentary administrative tasks that they find boring. It’s why Mr. Incredible had such a hard time working in insurance. It simply wasn’t his jam.

Give me some music and fun accoutrements to adorn my desk and I’m a happy camper!

All this to say the new job is going GREAT!

bye for now!

New Beginnings

Last week I started a new job!

After almost three years at the Rock Family of Companies it was time to move on. I am so so excited to explore this new role and its challenges. Because what is life without challenges to overcome?

Am I going to say it’s perfect? No, because nothing is perfect and there are numerous movies that explain why even perfection has its flaws. What I will say is that it looks like 99% perfect match for me which is really all anyone can ask for.

I am still working on edits for Seer but have given myself till mid-September to finish them.

Wish me luck and,

bye for now!

Think Happy Thoughts

If you could share this image on your socials I would be forever grateful!


Once in a lifetime.

First time in recorded history.

These are all phrases that can and have been used to describe recent history. It’s easy to get bogged down by it all. It would be easy to give in to despair. I had a good cry Friday night when it all hit me like a bullet train.

But while tears are sometimes a necessary part of the grieving process they are only tears. They don’t do anything except release emotional pressure. Real change comes from action.

I know one thing for sure. I will not allow recent events to sidetrack me from my goals. I will not cave.

What I will do? That’s up in the air right now. But one thing is certain. I’m not going to stop writing.

Bye for now!

Emma *deep Vader breathing*, I am your father

Counterclockwise we have my Sidi, my Dad, and my bonus Dad Eric

I’ve been rich in parental figures over the years but yesterday we honored the dads. The padres. The chi-chi weis. The otou-sans. The abujeens. Well…you get the idea.

I made myself lol

My dad is the reason I’m a published author. He didn’t write the book for me or find me an agent. No, he did more.

He made me believe I could do those things.

Every time I meet someone who knows him they have nothing but wonderful things to say and it warms my heart to see the positive impact he’s made in the world.

While Ezra (main character of The Sword and Shield if you’re new) didn’t have a halfway decent father I personally won the Dad lottery.

Bye for now!


It’s 4:33 AM EST and I have yet to sleep and doubt I will at all the night of the Strawberry Moon. I was monkeying around with my blog page, adding plugins and what have you, when I went to see how my Monday blog post was doing.

I was startled to realize that, not only had I not done my Monday post, but it was already Hump Day! I went back in my mind and took myself through the last two days and checked my phone and it is indeed Wednesday, June 15th.

It’s been a busy week that’s for sure. Some stuff is under wraps as I don’t want to put energy out into the universe willy nilly. Some stuff you know (I’m trying to finish edits on my YA Fantasy so my agent Amy doesn’t murder me) but wait! There’s more!

I’ve also started swordfighting lessons! There’s a MMA Club oh so cosily seated in a warehouse-ish building. As I drove up I couldn’t help but wonder, Am I about to wake up in a bathtub full of ice without any kidneys?

I’m happy to report that it is, to be clear, NOT an organ harvesting enterprise as I originally feared but a perfectly reputable fitness establishment. I was there to meet the good people that make up Detroit Fight Club.

I know what you’re thinking. Swordfighting? Really? Is that your way of telling us you’ve taken up LARPing? And yes, during weekday sessions they practice fundamentals with foam swords and shields (see what I did there?) but on Sundays they don actual plate armor and wield metal swords and beat the sense out of one another.

I doubt I’ll ever advance to having real armor of my own as this is meant to just be a way to exercise while also researching training and fighting techniques. But who knows?

Bye for now!

Another Faire-ly Successful Faire!

Me and my bestie/platonic soulmate/nextdoor neighbor Amanda.
My display! Next time I do an event I plan on having a sign but since I was selling in Author’s Alley I didn’t feel the need.
Me and the Funko I painted to look like Ezra!

June 4th and 5th I road tripped it up to Charlotte, Michigan and the Eaton County Fairground for the Magical Realm Fantasy Faire. It’s a renaissance faire (much smaller than the Michigan Ren Faire in Holly) that has happened a couple years so far but apparently this was the most successful one yet! Saturday I sold THIRTY books in one day!!!

Sunday I was a bit rainy and it was a Sunday so I only sold sixteen but that’s a total of forty-six books sold which is the best I’ve ever done at one of these events so I’m thrilled!

Friends came to the faire to visit me (Jarvis from Ferris State and Seven from my study abroad in Japan), my bestie Amanda took on the goliath of a Saturday and committed herself to over 12 hours of Emma Time, and I made some new friends as well. Some I met there (like the two lovely women in the booth next to me) and some I’ve ‘known’ for years (Squire Paul of the Rogue Blades show).

I made money. I made memories. I made connections.

All in all an amazing weekend,

Bye for now!

Success at the Faire!

My lovely sister at my booth

Keychains: 17
Earrings: 7
Books: 44
Signs: 1

This year for Mother’s Day weekend I drove to Marshall, Michigan to sell my book for a second time at the Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire! Above are the figures from a weekend of sales, knocking last year’s numbers out of the park. If you’re wondering about the non-book items, when I have time I craft things from resin including, but not limited to: self defense keychains and jewelry. I figure Ezra (The Sword and Shield‘s main character) would wholeheartedly approve of cute accessories that double as weapons. So it works.

This coming weekend I’ll be just south of Lansing, Michigan at the Eaton County Fairgrounds for Magical Realm Fantasy Faire!

The feature Magical Realm did on me for their Facebook page!

It would be amazing to meet anyone who is in the area and wants to have a great day at the faire. If you already have a copy of my book and bring it to be signed I’ll also provide you with free Sword and Shield stickers! Or if you don’t have a physical copy as of yet feel free to come buy a copy directly from the author.

The above link has all the details of the event.

I hope to see you there,

Bye for now!

Falling Back In Love

In today’s fast-paced environment, relaxation or recreational activities with no purpose other than enjoyment can be seen as frivolous or a waste of time. Everything has to be a hustle. Enjoy crafts? Create an etsy page. Enjoy writing? Try to become a bestselling author.

There’s no room for simple creation without trying to account for that time anymore. In this side-hustle focused world, it can sometimes be difficult to allow oneself to relax and just be in the moment.

It is this realization that prompted me to start reading again. Yes, again. I haven’t curled up with a good book and read in a depressingly long time. I read some books on writing during vacation but that was more for learning than out of the pure love of reading.

I have a ton of books in my To Be Read list but I don’t think the best way to dive back in is with an unknown. I’m going to search my shelves until I find a book I’ve read over and over again. A comfort book. Something I can just sink into and rest on the laurels of its familiar cadence.

What that book is?

I’m not sure. But I’m excited to find out.

bye for now!

The Itinerary!

As a reminder from my post a few weeks back I will be selling at three (so far) events this summer. They are:

I’m very excited to meet anyone and everyone who can come out on one of those weekends! Would love to hear your thoughts on the book, sign a copy, and give you stickers and bookmarks!

Happy Pi Day!

Today we celebrate a two-fold holiday, honoring both mouthwatering pastry and math alike. Yesterday was also a holiday, though it really only has meaning if, like myself, Detroit is near and dear to your heart.

For those who aren’t in the know, yesterday was 313 day! 313 is the area code in Detroit so it’s kind of like a celebration of the city.

In other news, I’m officially actually finally for-real-this-time starting on the edits for Seer. I’m a tactile person so I had the PDF with my agent Amy’s edits on it printed out and I’m re-reading and re-familiarizing myself with the world I created before I start weaving in the finer details and nuances that I missed with my first go.