But Did You DIE?

Those who know me are painfully aware that, for such a low-key person, I am a drama llama. An aggressively over-the-top describer of insignificant inconveniences. For instance, as I write this post at 6:50PM on a Thursday, I am currently dying. Am I, really? No, not really. But […]

Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?

So I’ve been busy. Like super busy. Super hella busy. You get the idea. But all this craziness is, in no small part, due to my life as a writer. I’ve got some stuff I can go into and some I can’t but today we’re going to focus […]

GIVEAWAY (Twitter and Facebook)

Hello friends, family, and followers, You guys give me your attention every week and, while I return that time spent with continuous new content, I feel like giving a little bit more this week. Especially in honor of the fact that I’m on AMAZON! Not only that, but […]

A Holiday For Your Book

Holidays are a time of inspiration.  All you have to do is look at Christmas. There have to be hundreds, if not thousands of Christmas related/adjacent/affiliated movies. Everything from A Christmas Carol to Die Hard. So many stories inspired by an otherwise ordinary day of the year. But what happens when […]