Write Here, Write Now

This post is going to be short and sweet and that’s because it’s a concept that doesn’t need to be over analyzed. Carpe Diem People put it on bumper stickers and tattoo it on their arms but how many people actually do it?  ‘Seize the day’?  It’s not […]

100th BLOG POST!

I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  It’s been almost exactly one year since I started this wild ride of blogging and marketing myself and boy am I glad my agent told me to hop on this bandwagon.  Writing about writing has not just given me the […]

No One Starts Out As Shakespeare

I recently took the opportunity to read some of my past writing. Some of it was halfway decent, but for the most part it was garbage. Cringeworthy and only good for kindling. If I had submitted my work for critique at that point in my life I would […]

New Job!

Over the past few months I have struggled with finding the right job. After my previous employment ended I realized that I needed to make a change in the way I approached searching for new career opportunities. First and foremost, by recognizing that I don’t need a job […]

Balancing Act

Being a writer can oftentimes feel all-consuming. If the muse is on your side, you might want to do little else but write. Sadly, I have been informed by many reliable sources that money is required to live and, to acquire said money, one must work. My need […]