Where do we go?

When writing, one of the most delicate things you can write about is faith. For fantasy writers like myself there’s a bit of a loophole. We can make up whatever system of belief that fits the story. But for those who take on the task of writing about […]

U of M: Here I come!

I wanted to wait till I actually got accepted to announce this but the acceptance e-mail came last week and I’m over the moon!  I am now officially a student of the U of M Grad Program ‘Health Information Technology’. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! To get into the College of Education, […]

Michigan Writer’s Workshop

One of the many joys of being a writer is in the community.  Writing is oftentimes a solitary endeavor, but the writing process as a whole is a team endeavor.  Whether you enlist the help of beta readers to provide input on your latest draft, or team up […]

Hope Bolinger’s Blog Tour

Those amongst you who also share the terrible affliction commonly referred to as a passion for writing may be familiar with the notion of a blog tour. For those of you who are not similarly afflicted, I will provide a brief explanation. Authors understand the difficulty of getting […]

Adventures in Editing

While the editing process rarely yields anything resembling joy, I was granted a brief respite from my suffering when Grammarly decided to fat shame a faerie.  It was all downhill from there though. This isn’t an edit of Sword and Shield.  That particularly grueling process came to an […]

So You Want to Be A Writer?

Well, join the club.  Seriously.  Join the club.  If you search the hashtag WritingCommunity on Twitter you will find an assortment of aspiring and/or established writers for you to commune with.  Writing does not have to be a solitary activity.  Humans are social creatures by nature and, while […]

Time to Dismember that Baby

Any Work In Progress, especially your first, will feel as precious as a newborn baby.  You protect and love it fiercely.  And when an agent, editor, or beta reader tells you you need to make drastic changes to your work, the tendency is to gasp in a Scarlett […]