Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change

Effective this past Friday, March 26th, The Sword & Shield has been available to the public for a year. It is officially one year old, which hardly seems real but apparently it is so I can deal with that reality in a future therapy session. So many amazing opportunities and experiences have opened up toContinue reading “Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change”

Creating a Kickass Query Letter

Before anything else, for the love of god, do NOT send out the same query letter to a bunch of different agents. It may save you some time, but the time you do spend will be wasted. If you don’t follow the agent’s directions your query will almost definitely go straight into the trash. AgentsContinue reading “Creating a Kickass Query Letter”

Writing Conferences: Why You Should Be Attending Them & Why Not All Are Created Equal

Writing itself is a solitary endeavor.  We sit at a keyboard/notebook/scroll of parchment and we pour our souls onto the template of our choosing.  But being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  There is a whole community of other writers out there, spanning the globe, that understand you in a way thatContinue reading “Writing Conferences: Why You Should Be Attending Them & Why Not All Are Created Equal”

Fun Fact Friday: The Fun Is Relative

My agent, Alyssa, is currently in London.  One of the many places she visited these past days was the Tower of London.  For those who don’t know, the Tower of London was Torture Central back in the day.  So I thought I’d share some interesting methods of torture!  Perhaps my most fun Fun Fact FridayContinue reading “Fun Fact Friday: The Fun Is Relative”