Rejection, and How You Can Turn it to Your Advantage

When my agent was first reaching out to publishing companies, I had the thrill of being considered by a major publishing house.  Like…huge.  It is one of the bigger publishing houses and to even be considered by them is an honor. Sadly, that is as far as I got. They were interested in reviewing myContinue reading “Rejection, and How You Can Turn it to Your Advantage”

Follow Your Dreams a.k.a. Albutebuddies

So this is an image completely unrelated to my writing and seemingly out of left field for my readers. Let me explain: I was recently prescribed an inhaler. So I had the above conversation with my neighbor and good friend Amanda and an idea came to me. What if I had a sticker made ofContinue reading “Follow Your Dreams a.k.a. Albutebuddies”

Write Here, Write Now

This post is going to be short and sweet and that’s because it’s a concept that doesn’t need to be over analyzed. Carpe Diem People put it on bumper stickers and tattoo it on their arms but how many people actually do it?  ‘Seize the day’?  It’s not just a fun saying, some might argueContinue reading “Write Here, Write Now”