Indie Flea GR: The Sequel

So due to a lucky break a spot opened up in this past Saturday’s Grand Rapids Indie Flea. This pun is in exceptionally poor taste as the space I’m taking belonged to someone who just broke their arm. However, I couldn’t not use the pun. It’s a sickness for which I am seeking treatment. PrayContinue reading “Indie Flea GR: The Sequel”

The Kzoo St. Valentines Day Massacre Event

This Saturday I attended the Kalamazoo St. Valentines Day Massacre and Winter Tournament of Chivalry at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center. My wonderful friend Sam came with me and, per instructions from the event’s coordinator, we were dressed to the nines. It’s a bit like a mini-renaissance fair and I dressed appropriately (sans the usualContinue reading “The Kzoo St. Valentines Day Massacre Event”

Hope Bolinger’s Blog Tour

Those amongst you who also share the terrible affliction commonly referred to as a passion for writing may be familiar with the notion of a blog tour. For those of you who are not similarly afflicted, I will provide a brief explanation. Authors understand the difficulty of getting their message out there for public consumption.Continue reading “Hope Bolinger’s Blog Tour”

You Can’t Edit a Blank Page

This is one of the most important things a writer can remember, and I forgot it. I’ve been taking a break from my writing so as to look at it with fresh eyes when my brain had recharged.  But that’s not how writing works. (This is not to be confused with the advice from aContinue reading “You Can’t Edit a Blank Page”

A More Middley Middle

I have gone back and forth on whether or not Seer will be a Duology or not.  Almost to the point where I’m a lovestruck girl pulling leaves off a branch going, “He loves me, he loves me not…”.  I really want it to be two books because I feel like there’s enough material forContinue reading “A More Middley Middle”

Duology No More

I like to think that, when embarking on a challenge, I give it my best.  That’s really all you can ever do: your best.  I don’t believe in that whole, “Give it 110%” nonsense, because it is an impossible task.  You can’t do more than your very best at any given time.  To suggest otherwiseContinue reading “Duology No More”

Stand-Alone, Duology or Trilogy?

So my agent has heard from a publisher who is interested in seeing my full manuscript!  I don’t want to say who because I don’t want to jinx it but I’m excited.  I also have to find a way to bench that excitement because it could take 1-3 months to hear whether or not theyContinue reading “Stand-Alone, Duology or Trilogy?”

Work Life and Wait…that’s a job?

Ever since I realized that my Criminal Justice degree was not going to take me anywhere I wanted to go, I’ve thought about what I would do if I could go back to school.  For years, I had no idea.  Writing is all I ever wanted to do and, due to an aforementioned aversion toContinue reading “Work Life and Wait…that’s a job?”


It has been 24 hours since I signed my contract with C.Y.L.E. Literary Agency and the shock is finally starting to wear off. I e-signed the documents yesterday morning, before work, and they signed them soon after. It is official. I am a contracted writer. Which sounds more like a disease than anything else. IContinue reading “Contract”