32 and Thriving!

Yesterday marked my thirty-second trip around the sun. It’s been another eventful year to say the least. Losses and gains. Victories and failures. Loved and been heartbroken. Learning and growing. All in all, I’d say I’m living life to the fullest! I celebrated with friends and family and it was a lowkey affair full ofContinue reading “32 and Thriving!”

31 Years Around the Sun: A Medieval Celebration!

This past Saturday (9/11/2021) I turned 31! That’s right, for any recent readers my birthday is September 11th at 11:30PM. If my mom had crossed her legs I might have squeaked by with a 9/12 birthday but oh well. Michigan weather smiled upon me on my birthday with 81 degree weather full of cool breezes.Continue reading “31 Years Around the Sun: A Medieval Celebration!”

First Week of Classes! aka Let’s Defer aka It’s my Birthday!!!

If you keep up with my blog, you know that I recently made the decision to go back to school and pursue my masters degree in Health Information Technology. I love helping people and have an affinity for working in healthcare so it seemed like an easy decision to make. Don’t worry! I’m not givingContinue reading “First Week of Classes! aka Let’s Defer aka It’s my Birthday!!!”

So Sleepy and Audience Participation

This month (September) is the month of busy weekends. 9/8: Renaissance Festival 9/15: Pentatonix Concert 9/22: Lantern Festival 9/28-30: Writers Digest Indie Lab Conference I’m tired just looking at that list, lol.  But I get to spend each weekend doing fun stuff with the peeps I love, and can you ask for a better monthContinue reading “So Sleepy and Audience Participation”