Take A Beat + Event!

Sorry for going AWOL for a bit. My new job has been occupying a good deal of my energy along with a new guy that shows promise and revising Seer. That being said, burnout is real and so this trip I took this past weekend was perfectly timed. My bestie Amanda’s family has a lakesideContinue reading “Take A Beat + Event!”

Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming A Published Author: This Is a Long One

Becoming a published author is a lot like a videogame. There’s the main quest, writing the goddamn book, but there are also a bunch of mini quests and side quests. You have to do research, create an online presence, market yourself via the internet and local events, find an agent, write a book proposal, theContinue reading “Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming A Published Author: This Is a Long One”

I’m Baaa-aaack!

Hello Everyone, I’m BACK! It’s been almost two months since I last posted and I am recharged, refreshed, and ready to go! A lot of great things have happened to me during this time away. Some of them reside in the realm of nunya (nunyabusiness, lol) but most of them are things I would loveContinue reading “I’m Baaa-aaack!”

A Brief Hiatus

To My Friends, Family, and Followers, As you are all aware, I started a new job in mid-July and it is going great! However, it is also rendering within me, something I like to call, the Matilda effect. Let me explain. At the end of the book, once Matilda is finally able to engage in learningContinue reading “A Brief Hiatus”

100th BLOG POST!

I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  It’s been almost exactly one year since I started this wild ride of blogging and marketing myself and boy am I glad my agent told me to hop on this bandwagon.  Writing about writing has not just given me the chance to share my knowledge with others,Continue reading “100th BLOG POST!”

Adventures in Editing

While the editing process rarely yields anything resembling joy, I was granted a brief respite from my suffering when Grammarly decided to fat shame a faerie.  It was all downhill from there though. This isn’t an edit of Sword and Shield.  That particularly grueling process came to an end and was sent to my agentContinue reading “Adventures in Editing”

Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Happy 1st Day of Halloween! I had an amazing weekend with Annie in Cincinnati.  The weather was gorgeous, the panelists were well informed in their subjects, and the hotel was probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in. The first panel, hosted by Michael LaRonn was great for a number of reasons.  He really gaveContinue reading “Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION”

I think I can…I think I can…

Some days writing is like a flowing river, some times you have to pump the water from a well. Today I’m using a frigging Divining Rod trying to find my writing talent in the desert that is my brain.  Lowering my daily word count from 1k to 500 has given me a (false) sense ofContinue reading “I think I can…I think I can…”

The orphan trope, and some of my favorite books

Let me say it for the people in the back, a main character does not need to be an orphan.  A lot of the time, main character’s engage in behavior that normal, loving parents would find to be concerning.  They might even go so far as to forbid such activities that a “chosen one” isContinue reading “The orphan trope, and some of my favorite books”

Word Count Worries

I think I was a bit spoiled by my writing of the book Seer.  The story wanted to be told and so, the words just flowed out of me with ease.  I was averaging 2k-3k words per day and finished the book in the span of two months.  Most books aren’t like that.  Most booksContinue reading “Word Count Worries”