Did I Really Write a Love Triangle?

I’m not one to judge when it comes genre preference.  If you like Twilight, read Twilight.  If you like bad writing, read 50 Shades of Grey.  Ok.  Maybe I judge a little bit.  But I do appreciate books like 50 Shades because, if something like that can become an International Best Seller, then there’s hopeContinue reading “Did I Really Write a Love Triangle?”

Post-Holiday Post

Image courtesy of “Sarah Scribbles” Well hello everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were enjoyable.  Mine were great.  I spent so much quality time with my little sister that she probably got sick of me and tons of time with the rest of my family.  We had good food, good laughs and all around goodContinue reading “Post-Holiday Post”

A Finicky Guide to Picking out Books

  Many of you are aware of the library I have amassed over the years.  Three years ago, when I moved, I actually cut it down significantly.  That being said, I have built it back up to its former glory and dread the day when I will inevitably have to move and be forced toContinue reading “A Finicky Guide to Picking out Books”

I think I can…I think I can…

Some days writing is like a flowing river, some times you have to pump the water from a well. Today I’m using a frigging Divining Rod trying to find my writing talent in the desert that is my brain.  Lowering my daily word count from 1k to 500 has given me a (false) sense ofContinue reading “I think I can…I think I can…”

Work Life and Wait…that’s a job?

Ever since I realized that my Criminal Justice degree was not going to take me anywhere I wanted to go, I’ve thought about what I would do if I could go back to school.  For years, I had no idea.  Writing is all I ever wanted to do and, due to an aforementioned aversion toContinue reading “Work Life and Wait…that’s a job?”

Got my Groove Back

So sometimes, in fact, oftentimes, I need to take a break from a project.  I actually took several years between the time I started Seer and the time I finished it.  The words just wouldn’t come to me and, the more I tried to force it, the worse my writing (and frustration) became.  That wasContinue reading “Got my Groove Back”

Book Proposal? Check

After my last post I continued working on my book proposal but I realized I never really explained what goes into one. So here it is, my recipe (as outlined by my literary agent) for a Book Proposal: Title Genre Word count Tagline – A one sentence summary of your book Back Cover Blurb –Continue reading “Book Proposal? Check”

Wait…WHAT? and the Story of Me

Well it’s happened. It has finally happened. A literary agent wants to sign a contract with me!!! I know this is just the first of many many steps on the path to publishing but I’m still PUMPED! This also serves as firm validation that I’m not just a good writer, but that I’m a publish-worthyContinue reading “Wait…WHAT? and the Story of Me”