Four Months and Counting and Vision Board

For those of you who are new, welcome! And as newbies you may not know that, in addition to The Sword & Shield I have completed another, completely separate novel. Seer is a Young Adult standalone fantasy that I wrote in a freakishly short time (less than a year). I know some people can pumpContinue reading “Four Months and Counting and Vision Board”

Screw The Status Quo

Oops, I did it again. I decided to leave the cushy, comfy, familiar job I had and had mastered in favor of the unknown. It was an impulsive decision that I was hyped about for a day before I began my traditional spiral into regret induced despair. I’m big on second guessing myself. I don’tContinue reading “Screw The Status Quo”

New Job, New World

So in late March I received an exciting offer. To give you a bit of background though we have to go farther back to February. That’s when the first round draft picks were taken from the healthcare campaign I was working on and moved them to the mortgage campaign I am now working on. IContinue reading “New Job, New World”

New Job!

Over the past few months I have struggled with finding the right job. After my previous employment ended I realized that I needed to make a change in the way I approached searching for new career opportunities. First and foremost, by recognizing that I don’t need a job that gives me a sense of greaterContinue reading “New Job!”

Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative

Writing is hard.  It also is oftentimes lacking in reward of a monetary nature.  Most of us who do write do it because we have to.  Because there is a drive inside of us, a thirst that simply cannot be quenched.  We simply have to write. But because I have a singular aversion to homelessness,Continue reading “Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative”

A Little Bit About Emma

I’ve been saving this post for a day when I didn’t have anything writerly to write about so here you go! So most of you know me.  My name is Emma Khoury and I’m a writer.  But there are a lot of you following me who I don’t know personally so I just wanted toContinue reading “A Little Bit About Emma”