The Beginning of An End

This Friday I have my third and final meeting with my agent to discuss edits of the first draft of Seer. Not to say that this is my last meeting before the book is finished. It’s the last meeting before I have all the necessary feedback to bring Seer up to it’s second draft. HowContinue reading “The Beginning of An End”

Editing Seer: An Exercise in Self Flagellation

Writing can be difficult and sometimes feel like pulling teeth but for the most part it’s a wonderful process. Editing, however, is the bastard child of Satan and a Grammar Nazi. I hate it. Hate it. Seer is currently going through that process. In an effort to make this as painless and efficient as possibleContinue reading “Editing Seer: An Exercise in Self Flagellation”

Adventures in Editing

While the editing process rarely yields anything resembling joy, I was granted a brief respite from my suffering when Grammarly decided to fat shame a faerie.  It was all downhill from there though. This isn’t an edit of Sword and Shield.  That particularly grueling process came to an end and was sent to my agentContinue reading “Adventures in Editing”

Time to Dismember that Baby

Any Work In Progress, especially your first, will feel as precious as a newborn baby.  You protect and love it fiercely.  And when an agent, editor, or beta reader tells you you need to make drastic changes to your work, the tendency is to gasp in a Scarlett O’Hara-esque manner.  “Make a big change,” youContinue reading “Time to Dismember that Baby”