Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo

Well this past Saturday was Halloween. I neither participated in the tradition of costuming, nor did I adorn my porch with festive ornamentation. I sat at my computer and worked for eleven hours. Because nothing say Spooky Season like cashing in on 2.5 hours of Overtime! But seriously though, I did participate throughout the monthContinue reading “Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo”

Haunted Housing!

It’s almost that magical time of year.  My second favorite holiday.  It’s almost Halloween! Every year I go out with my friends/second parents, Susanne and Eric for some good old Halloween fun.  We do Erebus every other year and this was another Erebus year!  And man, I forgot how much of a workout is involved!Continue reading “Haunted Housing!”

Theater Bizarre

If you are anywhere near the Metro-Detroit area let me tell you about a little thing called Theater Bizarre.  And if you like the strange and disturbing, and aren’t close to Detroit, check out the site below anyways.  I am a strong believer in the idea of road tripping in the name of making memories.Continue reading “Theater Bizarre”

Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Happy 1st Day of Halloween! I had an amazing weekend with Annie in Cincinnati.  The weather was gorgeous, the panelists were well informed in their subjects, and the hotel was probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in. The first panel, hosted by Michael LaRonn was great for a number of reasons.  He really gaveContinue reading “Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION”