Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo

Well this past Saturday was Halloween. I neither participated in the tradition of costuming, nor did I adorn my porch with festive ornamentation. I sat at my computer and worked for eleven hours. Because nothing say Spooky Season like cashing in on 2.5 hours of Overtime! But seriously though, I did participate throughout the monthContinue reading “Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo”

Stop Trying to Make Original Ideas Happen aka Short but Sweet

A youth’s world becomes much wilder and stranger as an elderly man guides him out of his past life and into a life of adventure and danger. Am I describing The Hobbit? Or how about Star Wars? Maybe Harry Potter? Honestly? Who knows. Perhaps you’d like to read about two star-crossed lovers, divided by theirContinue reading “Stop Trying to Make Original Ideas Happen aka Short but Sweet”

Character Arcs & Why They Are Necessary

Whether they be positive or negative, Anakin Skywalker or Luke, a great story involves a character arc of some sort.  If the story wasn’t enough to change the character in some profound way, it probably wasn’t that interesting. I’d use Ezra (from The Sword and Shield) as an example but I’m not sure how to doContinue reading “Character Arcs & Why They Are Necessary”

Another Year Gone

As Dumbledore once said.  But unlike Hogwarts, there is no ceremony to celebrate past achievements.  There is no House Cup to be won.  If falls on your shoulders to remember the good, and how it almost always outweighs the bad. Because there was a lot of good this past year, no matter how I feelContinue reading “Another Year Gone”

Book 1 is Done-ish, Now to 2

I just submitted the second draft of the first book in the Seer series tentatively titled “The Mark of the Seer” (let me know what you think of that in the comments below) to my agent.  I don’t expect any news about it for a while though because she’s going to be reviewing my SwordContinue reading “Book 1 is Done-ish, Now to 2”

Rising Above Rejection

I’m not gonna lie, when my agent reached out to me with my first rejection from a publishing company this song started playing in my head: For those of you not familiar with the magic that is Lion King 2 go and watch it. I’ll wait. For those of you who don’t have the timeContinue reading “Rising Above Rejection”

The orphan trope, and some of my favorite books

Let me say it for the people in the back, a main character does not need to be an orphan.  A lot of the time, main character’s engage in behavior that normal, loving parents would find to be concerning.  They might even go so far as to forbid such activities that a “chosen one” isContinue reading “The orphan trope, and some of my favorite books”