Florida or Bust: Remember to take a Break

Hello from the Sunshine State! I’m writing to you from the lovely city of Naples, in the home my parents rented for the month.  After a tumultuous past couple of weeks I realized that I needed a break.  A breather.  A sabbatical, if you will.  So I packed my bags and flew down to spendContinue reading “Florida or Bust: Remember to take a Break”

The ‘Marie Kondo’ Approach to Writing

‘Does it bring you joy?’ You’ve probably heard that phrase once or twice as you go about your day to day life and wondered what people were talking about.  Thanks to the handy-dandy internet I know about Marie Kondo and her Netflix show Tidying Up.  I have yet to watch it but it is on myContinue reading “The ‘Marie Kondo’ Approach to Writing”