Random Plot Ideas and Where they Come From

Honestly I have no clue. Maybe I have a muse who works alongside my guardian angel. She whispers ideas in my ear while I’m in the shower or by waking me up at 3AM. The Sword & Shield came from a cat scratch that wasn’t healing properly. Still not sure where Seer came from, andContinue reading “Random Plot Ideas and Where they Come From”

Character Arcs & Why They Are Necessary

Whether they be positive or negative, Anakin Skywalker or Luke, a great story involves a character arc of some sort.  If the story wasn’t enough to change the character in some profound way, it probably wasn’t that interesting. I’d use Ezra (from The Sword and Shield) as an example but I’m not sure how to doContinue reading “Character Arcs & Why They Are Necessary”

From the Top

Writing a book is a funny bit of business. It starts with an idea, oftentimes a seemingly nonsensical idea, that would lead a layperson nowhere. But as a writer, it is your job to plant that seed of an idea and nurture it, till it grows into a story. But you can’t stop there becauseContinue reading “From the Top”