It’s The Cotton Anniversary!

Life is interesting in the way it winds and weaves. When you plan on zigging, it zags. When you plan on ducking, you stumble over a trip-wire. And sometimes when one door closes the only way out is through the air ducts. Two years and four days ago I drove into Detroit to begin theContinue reading “It’s The Cotton Anniversary!”

A Trip Back in Time aka Day at the Faire!

This past weekend I sold my book as a vendor at The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire in Marshall, Michigan. At 6AM Gipsy Danger and I got in the car and drove roughly an hour and a half to mid-Michigan and began to unpack the car. My initial hope was that, were I to need helpContinue reading “A Trip Back in Time aka Day at the Faire!”

Hometown Hotspot!

(If anyone comments on this post) I will be starting another regular post called Hometown Hotspot! wherein I will illustrate fun facts about the commentator’s hometown.  So if you want to know something random and interesting about the place you call home, comment below! But to get things started, here’s a little piece of knowledgeContinue reading “Hometown Hotspot!”