A Trip Back in Time aka Day at the Faire!

This past weekend I sold my book as a vendor at The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire in Marshall, Michigan. At 6AM Gipsy Danger and I got in the car and drove roughly an hour and a half to mid-Michigan and began to unpack the car. My initial hope was that, were I to need helpContinue reading “A Trip Back in Time aka Day at the Faire!”

Indie Flea GR: The Sequel

So due to a lucky break a spot opened up in this past Saturday’s Grand Rapids Indie Flea. This pun is in exceptionally poor taste as the space I’m taking belonged to someone who just broke their arm. However, I couldn’t not use the pun. It’s a sickness for which I am seeking treatment. PrayContinue reading “Indie Flea GR: The Sequel”

Kalamazoo Storytelling Festival: Flop or Not?

My stand got a glow-up. Arguably, when you go to an event with the intent of selling books and getting your name out there, the number of promotional materials passed out and the number of books sold are the values by which you measure success. I have learned since starting this journey of going outContinue reading “Kalamazoo Storytelling Festival: Flop or Not?”

Indie Flea Grand Rapids – Selling Your Book In Person

  This past weekend I attended the 2nd Grand Rapids Indie Flea as a vendor to sell my book. While the people in my life have been very supportive, insisting that selling 8 books is a good thing, I had definitely set my sights higher. Still, for a first event, I suppose it’s not bad. Continue reading “Indie Flea Grand Rapids – Selling Your Book In Person”

Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?

So I’ve been busy. Like super busy. Super hella busy. You get the idea. But all this craziness is, in no small part, due to my life as a writer. I’ve got some stuff I can go into and some I can’t but today we’re going to focus on something so far out of leftContinue reading “Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?”