The Adventures of Steve: An Anthology Told in Pictures

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and Bye for now!

Post-Holiday Post

Image courtesy of “Sarah Scribbles” Well hello everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were enjoyable.  Mine were great.  I spent so much quality time with my little sister that she probably got sick of me and tons of time with the rest of my family.  We had good food, good laughs and all around goodContinue reading “Post-Holiday Post”

Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative

  Today is the first big snow of Michigan!  And when I say Michigan I mean mainland.  The Upper Peninsula has has had snow for weeks. But yay for snow!  Here’s some snow themed facts for you: NORTH DAKOTA HOLDS THE RECORD FOR MOST SNOW ANGELS MADE SIMULTANEOUSLY IN ONE PLACE. Back in 2007 itContinue reading “Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative”