Random Plot Ideas and Where they Come From

Honestly I have no clue. Maybe I have a muse who works alongside my guardian angel. She whispers ideas in my ear while I’m in the shower or by waking me up at 3AM. The Sword & Shield came from a cat scratch that wasn’t healing properly. Still not sure where Seer came from, andContinue reading “Random Plot Ideas and Where they Come From”

Former & Forgotten Friday!

So I unearthed this dinosaur while going through an old external hard drive. It’s a short story I wrote for my college Creative Writing class back in 2011. Normally I’d burn this in effigy rather than allow it to see the light of day.

As I Went Walking – A Short Story

  Hey there!  I know I said I was going to back down to one regular post and one Fun Fact Friday per week but I really wanted to share my short story.  I’d love to know what you think! Here’s the first short story I submitted for my Creative Writing class. I hope youContinue reading “As I Went Walking – A Short Story”