Lights, Camera, Application Submitted!

Well I did it. I wrote a 10 pager of one of my many works in progress, I filmed (with my bestie’s help) an audition video, and I wrote a pitch and author bio. The deadline was this past Thursday and, in true Emma fashion, I just barely made it. I did my best toContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Application Submitted!”

Time For a Brain Break (Shows to Binge)

  Things are a little wonky this week schedule-wise, what with the holidays, so no ‘Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative’ this week. So all work and no play makes Jack Nicholson an axe murderer.  Especially for writers who can get so wrapped up in plot hurdles and writer’s blocks the size of theContinue reading “Time For a Brain Break (Shows to Binge)”