GIVEAWAY (Twitter and Facebook)

Hello friends, family, and followers, You guys give me your attention every week and, while I return that time spent with continuous new content, I feel like giving a little bit more this week. Especially in honor of the fact that I’m on AMAZON! Not only that, but I am blessed with the ability toContinue reading “GIVEAWAY (Twitter and Facebook)”

So You Want to Be A Writer?

Well, join the club.  Seriously.  Join the club.  If you search the hashtag WritingCommunity on Twitter you will find an assortment of aspiring and/or established writers for you to commune with.  Writing does not have to be a solitary activity.  Humans are social creatures by nature and, while writers fall into a rather peculiar sub-sectionContinue reading “So You Want to Be A Writer?”

Sharing is Caring and Puppies!

So, in my efforts to broaden my reach without giving Facebook my hard earned money, I ask that those of you who follow me on Facebook share my posts with your friends.  It only takes a second to press that ‘Share’ button but it would mean the world to me!  If you are one ofContinue reading “Sharing is Caring and Puppies!”