Keeping Busy

I was struggling for a topic this week. This past month has put me to the test in a number of ways and I am drained. Even now I’m powering through to the weekend as I am very excited for Halloween. Working on keeping myself busy on things that bring me joy and to keepContinue reading “Keeping Busy”

The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire!

Greetings and good morrow gentle bipeds, it is I! Your favorite author! Well…favorite is probably a bit of a stretch but I’d like to think I’m in at least one person’s Top 10. I’ve started on what I hope to be my third completed book and have already hit a bump but am going toContinue reading “The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire!”


So I see a lot of posts in the writing community about having to make massive cuts to their work because they wrote too much.  Which is a very desirable problem to me because I have the exact opposite problem.  I finished the first draft of my Work In Progress and it clocks in atContinue reading “ALLLL BYYYY MYYYSEEEEEEEELF”

From the Top

Writing a book is a funny bit of business. It starts with an idea, oftentimes a seemingly nonsensical idea, that would lead a layperson nowhere. But as a writer, it is your job to plant that seed of an idea and nurture it, till it grows into a story. But you can’t stop there becauseContinue reading “From the Top”

Did I Really Write a Love Triangle?

I’m not one to judge when it comes genre preference.  If you like Twilight, read Twilight.  If you like bad writing, read 50 Shades of Grey.  Ok.  Maybe I judge a little bit.  But I do appreciate books like 50 Shades because, if something like that can become an International Best Seller, then there’s hopeContinue reading “Did I Really Write a Love Triangle?”