I Feel Like I’m Floating

I’m not crying, you’re crying. But seriously, I am the number three book in Amazon’s Dark Humor category and number ten in their Humorous Fantasy category! I just finished dancing around my condo and am now sitting back down (to my cats’ utter relief). I mean, look how CLOSE my book is to Harry FREAKINContinue reading “I Feel Like I’m Floating”


So I see a lot of posts in the writing community about having to make massive cuts to their work because they wrote too much.  Which is a very desirable problem to me because I have the exact opposite problem.  I finished the first draft of my Work In Progress and it clocks in atContinue reading “ALLLL BYYYY MYYYSEEEEEEEELF”


Hello!  I thought you guys might enjoy an in depth insight to the Me that is a writer! What music do you listen to while you write? Nothing, actually.  I can’t focus when there is music playing in the background.  I can handle the ambient noise of the office or a Panera but music isContinue reading “My FAQs”

Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming A Published Author: This Is a Long One

Becoming a published author is a lot like a videogame. There’s the main quest, writing the goddamn book, but there are also a bunch of mini quests and side quests. You have to do research, create an online presence, market yourself via the internet and local events, find an agent, write a book proposal, theContinue reading “Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming A Published Author: This Is a Long One”

Their Our Know Rules

  I know I spout off a lot of stuff about things you should do, and things you shouldn’t do, but believe me when I say there are exceptions to EVERY rule.  Don’t you dare let my perception of what is the correct way to do things in any way limit your creative growth! TheContinue reading “Their Our Know Rules”

The Kzoo St. Valentines Day Massacre Event

This Saturday I attended the Kalamazoo St. Valentines Day Massacre and Winter Tournament of Chivalry at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center. My wonderful friend Sam came with me and, per instructions from the event’s coordinator, we were dressed to the nines. It’s a bit like a mini-renaissance fair and I dressed appropriately (sans the usualContinue reading “The Kzoo St. Valentines Day Massacre Event”

Creating a Kickass Query Letter

Before anything else, for the love of god, do NOT send out the same query letter to a bunch of different agents. It may save you some time, but the time you do spend will be wasted. If you don’t follow the agent’s directions your query will almost definitely go straight into the trash. AgentsContinue reading “Creating a Kickass Query Letter”

Udemy: A Cheaper Alternative to College

So long as you don’t need the credit hours to fulfill any requirements, I would wholeheartedly suggest opting out of college and going to udemy.com if personal fulfillment is the only thing you’re after. It’s an internet based database full to the brim of subjects ranging from Tarot to Blogging to Coding and so muchContinue reading “Udemy: A Cheaper Alternative to College”

A New Year and The Resolutions 2020 Brings

So the concept of a New Year’s Resolution is not an original one. At one point or another we’ve all made promises to Father Time to change something about our lives. Do we keep those promises? Sometimes. But this is not just a new year, it’s also a new decade, and people are feeling theContinue reading “A New Year and The Resolutions 2020 Brings”

A Holiday For Your Book

Holidays are a time of inspiration.  All you have to do is look at Christmas. There have to be hundreds, if not thousands of Christmas related/adjacent/affiliated movies. Everything from A Christmas Carol to Die Hard. So many stories inspired by an otherwise ordinary day of the year. But what happens when your novel is based in a fictionalContinue reading “A Holiday For Your Book”