The Adventures of Steve: An Anthology Told in Pictures

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and Bye for now!

Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo

Well this past Saturday was Halloween. I neither participated in the tradition of costuming, nor did I adorn my porch with festive ornamentation. I sat at my computer and worked for eleven hours. Because nothing say Spooky Season like cashing in on 2.5 hours of Overtime! But seriously though, I did participate throughout the monthContinue reading “Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo”

New Job, New World

So in late March I received an exciting offer. To give you a bit of background though we have to go farther back to February. That’s when the first round draft picks were taken from the healthcare campaign I was working on and moved them to the mortgage campaign I am now working on. IContinue reading “New Job, New World”

One Month into my New Job aka Dealing with Stress

Happy Monday to you all! As of last Thursday I have officially spent one month at my new job at Rock Connections. In that month we’ve covered a lot of ground. The benefits at this job are amazing, but boy do they make you earn them. Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’mContinue reading “One Month into my New Job aka Dealing with Stress”