Merry Christmas and a Happy Saturnalia!

I love gift giving. It is, I would go so far as to say, my primary love language. I take my time methodically selecting presents that will bring that specific person joy, and then receive my reward by enjoying the look of delight on their faces when they realize what kind of meticulous time andContinue reading “Merry Christmas and a Happy Saturnalia!”

BIDEN You ARE The Father

Last week was arduous to say the least. It was the Election Day that would not end. Like groundhog day but so much worse. Day after day last week I tried and failed to unplug and focus on my own life rather than a situation that I had done everything I could to encourage theContinue reading “BIDEN You ARE The Father”

Write What You Know: The Stunning Conclusion

All good things must come to an end.  Whether or not this trilogy on the subject of ‘Write What You Know’ was a good thing is debatable.  Be that as it may, the end is nigh.  At least, it is for this little series of posts. I’ve talked about expanding your horizons through activity andContinue reading “Write What You Know: The Stunning Conclusion”

Write What You Know: The Sequel

So a few weeks ago I broached on the subject of Write What You Know, and today I’m going to expand on it. More specifically, I’m going to go into detail about how you can simulate some of the adventures your characters may go on: Zipline = Flying – Whether your character is winged, orContinue reading “Write What You Know: The Sequel”

Write what you know

I think we can all agree that the John Wick movies would be nowhere near as magically magnificent as they are without Keanu Reeves.  His dedication to being as realistic as possible is a testament to his professionalism.  Likewise, we wouldn’t pay to see a ballerina who didn’t practice every day or a trumpeter withContinue reading “Write what you know”