Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change

Effective this past Friday, March 26th, The Sword & Shield has been available to the public for a year. It is officially one year old, which hardly seems real but apparently it is so I can deal with that reality in a future therapy session. So many amazing opportunities and experiences have opened up toContinue reading “Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change”

Marketing Takes WORK

In the above images you will note that. In the whole of 2019, I got just under 3000 views to my website. Just over halfway through 2020 and I’m pretty close to hitting those numbers again. I attribute this to many factors: my book releasing, a concerted effort on my part, and the dystopian novelContinue reading “Marketing Takes WORK”

Kalamazoo Storytelling Festival: Flop or Not?

My stand got a glow-up. Arguably, when you go to an event with the intent of selling books and getting your name out there, the number of promotional materials passed out and the number of books sold are the values by which you measure success. I have learned since starting this journey of going outContinue reading “Kalamazoo Storytelling Festival: Flop or Not?”

Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?

So I’ve been busy. Like super busy. Super hella busy. You get the idea. But all this craziness is, in no small part, due to my life as a writer. I’ve got some stuff I can go into and some I can’t but today we’re going to focus on something so far out of leftContinue reading “Sales Tax IDs: Who Knew?”

Writing Conferences: Why You Should Be Attending Them & Why Not All Are Created Equal

Writing itself is a solitary endeavor.  We sit at a keyboard/notebook/scroll of parchment and we pour our souls onto the template of our choosing.  But being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  There is a whole community of other writers out there, spanning the globe, that understand you in a way thatContinue reading “Writing Conferences: Why You Should Be Attending Them & Why Not All Are Created Equal”

Michigan Writer’s Workshop

One of the many joys of being a writer is in the community.  Writing is oftentimes a solitary endeavor, but the writing process as a whole is a team endeavor.  Whether you enlist the help of beta readers to provide input on your latest draft, or team up with another author much like you mightContinue reading “Michigan Writer’s Workshop”

Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Happy 1st Day of Halloween! I had an amazing weekend with Annie in Cincinnati.  The weather was gorgeous, the panelists were well informed in their subjects, and the hotel was probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in. The first panel, hosted by Michael LaRonn was great for a number of reasons.  He really gaveContinue reading “Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION”

Who’s on first? Wait…what? And WD Conference!

So I’ve run into a funny little problem when it comes to my second book.  Because I’ve decided to split it in two, I am now referring to it as my second book’s first book, and other equally nonsensical things.  I’ve decided to settle on ‘the first part of my second book’ as that isContinue reading “Who’s on first? Wait…what? And WD Conference!”