Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change

Effective this past Friday, March 26th, The Sword & Shield has been available to the public for a year. It is officially one year old, which hardly seems real but apparently it is so I can deal with that reality in a future therapy session. So many amazing opportunities and experiences have opened up toContinue reading “Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change”

Marketing Takes WORK

In the above images you will note that. In the whole of 2019, I got just under 3000 views to my website. Just over halfway through 2020 and I’m pretty close to hitting those numbers again. I attribute this to many factors: my book releasing, a concerted effort on my part, and the dystopian novelContinue reading “Marketing Takes WORK”

Controversial Notion: Happy Lives Don’t Make Good Stories

Now maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there is a book out there about a happy girl with a happy life who encounters only good things.  Personally, I’m yawning just thinking about it.  If you do know of such a book post the title and author in the comments and I will look into it.  (Picture booksContinue reading “Controversial Notion: Happy Lives Don’t Make Good Stories”

To Patreon or Not to Patreon?

I struggled a lot with the idea of putting up a Patreon link.  It felt a lot like I was begging for money, which I’m not.  At the Writer’s Digest panel with Michael La Ronn, he said it like this, “By providing this option you are helping your readers to help you.”  With that beingContinue reading “To Patreon or Not to Patreon?”

Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Happy 1st Day of Halloween! I had an amazing weekend with Annie in Cincinnati.  The weather was gorgeous, the panelists were well informed in their subjects, and the hotel was probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in. The first panel, hosted by Michael LaRonn was great for a number of reasons.  He really gaveContinue reading “Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION”

Who’s on first? Wait…what? And WD Conference!

So I’ve run into a funny little problem when it comes to my second book.  Because I’ve decided to split it in two, I am now referring to it as my second book’s first book, and other equally nonsensical things.  I’ve decided to settle on ‘the first part of my second book’ as that isContinue reading “Who’s on first? Wait…what? And WD Conference!”