Kalamazoo Storytelling Festival: Flop or Not?

My stand got a glow-up.

Arguably, when you go to an event with the intent of selling books and getting your name out there, the number of promotional materials passed out and the number of books sold are the values by which you measure success.

I have learned since starting this journey of going out on the road to peddle my wares, that appearances can be deceiving and that success isn’t as black and white as I originally thought.

First off, what I learned is that it’s easier to be a flamingo in a sea of pigeons. While it may initially feel uncomfortable to be the one book stand in a sea of macramé and jewelry stands, it was easier to sell books when I was the only book seller. When I was one of many at the storytelling festival, there was far less incentive for people to stop by my stand.

When all was said and done, I only sold four books.  At an event dedicated to telling stories. Which just goes to show that this game has rules I am only just beginning to understand. Just because, on the surface, it seems like I’ll have an easier time of it, that hardly means that will be the case.

While most of you are thinking, “flop, Emma, this is definitely a flop, who are you kidding?” they would be wrong.

I met a woman at the event who runs a local (Kzoo) bookstore. She gave me her card and stated that she not only wanted to sell my book at her store, but then proceeded to ask if I’d like to do a book signing at an event that her store will be a part of on February 22nd.

I’m not going to lie, when she initially pitched this to me I sat there, mouth agape, in total silence as I stared at her, bug-eyed, for a few seconds. When my brain finally started working again I quickly said yes, absolutely yes!

So there you have it folks. From the ashes of defeat I rise like the proverbial phoenix!

Bye for now!