Four Months and Counting and Vision Board

For those of you who are new, welcome! And as newbies you may not know that, in addition to The Sword & Shield I have completed another, completely separate novel. Seer is a Young Adult standalone fantasy that I wrote in a freakishly short time (less than a year). I know some people can pump out multiple books in one year but that’s not me so let me bask in the glow of my own accomplishment.

Anyways, I wrote Seer, my agent shopped it out, and the lovely publishing house INtense picked it up. As of now it releases in late April and the final cover is being polished as we speak. Shortly thereafter I expect to get the editor’s notes on the manuscript for me to review and then my second book baby will be that much closer to being born!

In other news, we were assigned the task of creating a vision board for work and this is what I came up with:

The top picture is rather self explanatory, I plan on completing The Sword & Shield sequel this year. Given that I had originally intended on completing it by this month I intend on finishing the sequel this year or die in the attempt. To the right of S&S is a picture representing my aspirations for an organized and clutter free condo. Bottom left is my goal to work towards a healthier self and bottom right is my ambition to get promoted at work.

Something I feel is necessary when setting a New Year’s Resolution, or creating a vision board is that the goals are attainable. I have no intentions of setting myself up for failure which is why I am confident that I have the power to achieve everything on that board!

Bye for now!

Setting a Schedule and Keeping to It: A.D.D. Edition

For those of you who are likewise afflicted by a deficit of attention to such a degree that it has been labeled disorderly, you know the struggle. Some things have to be done on a regular basis. Cleaning, exercising, a consistent sleep schedule, and for me in particular – writing.

Setting aside the fact that life is chaos and trying to find a vacant hour every day at the same time that you’re free seems impossible, for someone with ADD even if you have that hour sticking to it is the real challenge.

Let’s say that, hypothetically, there was a magically consistent and available hour wherein I never had plans or commitments. And let’s say that I managed to, at the beginning of that hour, put my butt in my chair and start writing. Staying focused is a bit like playing the violin and dodgeball simultaneously.

Random ideas and distractions will come at me from every direction, sometimes hitting me when I least expect them and my metaphorical guard is down. Suddenly the hour is over and I’m watching a Tiktok about effective resin mixing techniques.

I wish I could say that this was an op-ed post about the methods that work for me but this is something I actively struggle with. If any of my readers have found a solution and they’re willing to share it with me I would love them forever!

In the meantime, I’m doing my best. Self imposed deadlines don’t work for me because I’m intimately familiar with the person who set them and I know she’s full of shit.

Bye for now!

School…But For Real This Time

I know I’ve said it before, on more than one occasion, that I was going back to school. I dipped my toes back into the waters of academia and either I wasn’t in the swimming mood or the water was too cold. Ultimately, I’d back out. Not this time – I hope.

SNHU’s Project Management & Operations Master’s Program summer term began today, July 26th, and I was in it!

I had initially hoped to avoid the mandated Math course as my math skills are very much NOT ‘Smarter than a 5th Grader’, but alas, I was not able to dodge that particular bullet. Thankfully, according to my academic advisor, there are a bunch of tutoring programs available to me, the cost of which is incorporated into the tuition that I don’t have to pay for anyways.

I had a good laugh at the expense of their university bookstore as I typed in thriftbooks.com to order my textbook used for a third of what they wanted to charge me. It arrived last Tuesday and I have been looking over it a little bit every day since then.

To say I am unenthused at the prospect of taking another math course is an understatement. I once got an 18/100 on a Basic Algebra test. Math is not, by any means, my forte.

Would happily trade a signed copy of my book along with bookmarks and stickers to any reader blessed with math talent that would be willing to do my homework for me.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

Bye for now!

It’s The Cotton Anniversary!

Or, to be less vague, it is my two year anniversary within the Rock Family of Companies! I started July 15, 2019 and it has been a non-stop ride on the party bus!

Life is interesting in the way it winds and weaves. When you plan on zigging, it zags. When you plan on ducking, you stumble over a trip-wire. And sometimes when one door closes the only way out is through the air ducts.

(Actual depiction of me traversing life’s little speed bumps)

Two years and four days ago I drove into Detroit to begin the best career decision of my life. I didn’t know it yet, of course. At the time I was just excited about the new opportunity. What followed were 734 days of laughter, tears, adventures, and newfound friendships. The road has not been a cake-walk by any means. The Rock Family of Companies provides their Team Members with amazing benefits and a Rock Star culture but they expect you to put in the work in turn.

My 23 months were spent at Rock Connections and for those of you who don’t read my blog on the regular, I recently transitioned to the position of Senior Team Coordinator at Bedrock. I’m still in Detroit and still under the Rock Family of Companies, but at the same time it feels like everything has changed.

The people are so welcoming and are just as random and silly as I am while still exemplifying the work ethic I strive to live by.

In every job transition I’ve ever had, without fail, around the 2 week mark I usually have some sort of self-doubt ridden panic attack. I’ll question whether or not I’m capable enough to take on the new role, intelligent enough to learn what I need to, and so on and so forth.

And yet, the part of my brain that has traditionally chimed in to tell me I’m a garbage human being has been atypically quiet as of late. I think, and I’m just spit-balling here, that through a combination of personal growth in tandem with the people and atmosphere I have transitioned to my brain did not feel the need to go the self-disparaging route.

Welp, today is week FIVE at Bedrock. Time to see what new adventures await me!

Bye for now!

671,040 Minutes

Chilling with some ice cream in Campus Martius!

I’m back to my regular blogging schedule again. I apologize for the brief hiatus but my site was/is undergoing a makeover.

1 year, 3 months, 9 days since I packed up my desk and started working from home.

I’m BACK Detroit!

Today (6/21/21) is my first day back in the office and I am beyond excited to be around PEOPLE again!

I love my pets but they don’t talk back – yet.

Friday was my last day at Rock Connections and today marks my first day at Bedrock as a Senior Team Coordinator!

Wish me luck and

Bye for now!

5 Days Later

My first week was AMAZING! Sorry for being AWOL but the site has been undergoing repairs. My heart is so full and I have been welcomed with open arms into the Bedrock family! For the first time in a long time, the weekend wasn’t as exciting to me, because I was having so much fun at WORK!

ok NOW bye for now!

(just kidding)

Friday July 9th

Today is the last day of my third week at my new job and my spirits are so high they need oxygen to deal with the elevation differential. I am waking up every morning excited to go to work! Everyone I work with is fantastic and every day I’m doing something new.

There is also some exciting writing news but I have to keep it under wraps for the moment but it’s very very exciting!

Bye for now!

I Am Ready To (bed)ROCK!

I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I have accepted a new position as a Senior Team Coordinator within Bedrock. The joy is multi-faceted. Let me explain. Bedrock is still within the Rock Family of Companies (commonly known for their flagship company Rocket Mortgage/previously called Quicken Loans) which means I get to stay with the amazing people who have treated me like a VIP since I started in July 2019! That means my PTO, health insurance, basically all of it stays the same except pay (which goes up!).

From the first (there were two) interview I knew this was where I wanted to be. It was my best interview to date, though it felt more like a conversation than an interview. For the first time in my life, I was able to refer to such an interaction as delightful. A word rarely used to describe the interview process.

It will be an adjustment for a couple reasons, the primary one being that I will be back in office five days a week after over a year of working from home. Which means wearing pants with a zipper or shoes with backs or brushing my hair every morning. Things that I can neither confirm nor deny as habits that may or may not have lapsed.

Another reason being that I sense this position is going to challenge me in new and unexpected ways, a thought that fills me with a small amount of anxiety that is vastly overshadowed by excitement.

I’ve got care set up for Gipsy Danger and my goal is to have my condo in maintenance mode before I return to the office. I do look forward to seeing people face to face every day and I am so excited to work with this team. In my second interview I got to meet some of the wonderful people I’d be working with which made me want this position all the more!

In other news, if you tried to access my site or any of my recent posts last Thursday (6/10) you may have noticed a distinct lack of content from the last TWO YEARS. The reason for this is simple. I am technologically challenged. I decided to downgrade my WordPress subscription because I had no need for all the extra features that were available to me with the plan I had been using and was not aware that EVERYTHING I HAD POSTED since the upgrade would disappear. So when I refreshed my most recent post was from 2018.

I was, understandably, freaking out.

I contacted WordPress customer support and advised them that, should I be unable to retrieve my previously published content, I would proceed to sob uncontrollably. Tech support was very supportive in my time of crisis and things have returned to normal. The site may look a little wonky till my agent Amy uses her wordpress superpowers to make it look shiny and new but all the content is there and that’s what matters.

I start in office the 18th!

Wish me luck and

Bye for now!