Motor City Comic Con (MC3) 2023

Catherine Tate’s autograph now proudly resides next to Christopher Eccleston’s!

10 years ago I went to my first MC3 with my Dad and met Stan Lee! Now, in 2023 I’ve been to several Motor City Comic Cons and each one has been full of amazing memories.

I went May 20th to meet a hero of mine, the genius actress Catherine Tate who embodied one of my favorite Doctor Who characters, and got her autograph. If the picture above looks familiar, that’s because I got Christopher Eccleston’s autograph last year at this same convention on that very canvas!

As I continue to wait for feedback on my manuscript from my agent, I do my best to put aside that anxiety in favor of more productive things, like my next manuscript!

That’s right folks! If you haven’t read previous posts then you wouldn’t know that Ezra’s story continues! I wrote The Sword & Shield and then wrote a YA Fantasy tentatively called Seer and NOW I’m working on my debut novel’s sequel: The Sea & Storm.

Oh I do love my alliteration.

In other news, I recently did a giveaway on my Tiktok of a signed copy of my book and will be mailing out the lucky winner’s box of adventure tomorrow!

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and

bye for now!

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