What Is Your ‘Why’?

People don’t do anything without a reason. Even if that reason is ‘I was bored’ or ‘I didn’t want to do [Insert Unpleasant Task Here] so I did this instead’.

However, this post isn’t about apathetic non-decisions, but rather, about the decisions that make us who we are. And so I ask again, “What is your ‘Why'”?

Mine are numerous:

Friends. Family. Fur babies. Personal Happiness. Success.

These are the things that drive me. The iron chains anchoring me to this plane of existence.

One of my whys when it comes to writing is community. I can hardly fangirl with others over the worlds I’ve created if they don’t have access to those worlds! So what’s a poor creative mind to do? Gotta write that shit down and disseminate it among as many like minded weirdos as possible so I have as many people as possible to fangirl about my stories with!

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