The Power of Tiktok Compels You! (And Community)

In June I held a Sword and Shield giveaway from my Tiktok account that included a signed copy of my book and various goodies. I’ve found that, by advertising the contest, and by extension advertising the book, I am able to attract new readers even if there is only one winner. And I was exceptionally fortunate in the winner of this giveaway as they also made an Instagram post advertising my book!

Another unexpected windfall of the contest was someone who purchased my ebook and then messaged me stating that he very much enjoyed it and recommended it to various book clubs online. I told him if he ever wanted a signed copy I would waive shipping as a thank you for marketing on my behalf. He took me up on that offer a mere qeek later.

The final marketing move I made was by accepting my agent’s invite to join a community of Scifi/fantasy authors she represents. One such author wrote the above review for my book and asked to interview me for her monthly web show which will livestream July 11th at 7PM EST.

Marketing can be tiresome and work intensive but if you do it right, you’ll get more out of it than you put in.

Bye for now!

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