Another Year, Another Ren Fest

I celebrated my birthday (belated) this past Saturday. the 24th, at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI. I was fortunate enough to spend it with two of my favorite people, Sam and Amanda.

Fun, faire, and food (in the form of turkey legs). What could be better?

It rained on and off with an average of 60 degrees throughout but at least, for the first year in a good long while, I didn’t have to worry about heat stroke!

This Saturday I learn whether or not I need to start saving to fly out for the filming of the America’s Next Great Author pilot. I’m of two minds about it to be totally transparent. The part of me that wants to excel as an author and broaden my horizons is raring to go at this opportunity. The part of me that likes cuddling in a blanket with cocoa on a rainy day would be ok not getting selected.

It’s in the hands of the judges now.

Wish me luck and

bye for now!

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