Not Quite Like Riding A Bike

It will be, I’m sure, a surprise to no one, that the saying ‘it’s just like riding a bike’ does not ring true for me. Unless I am speaking of something I’m struggling to re-learn. The reason being, dear reader, that I am not great when it comes to riding a bike.

This was not always the case. As a kid I would ride my bike to school and around the neighborhood but, as I grew older, the skill faded in a way not-unlike the way childlike wonderment fades from too many too early.

Have I ridden a bike recently? No, thank goodness. My last foray was on a rented bicycle in Florida. I crashed into a sign. No I don’t know how but I’m fine, thanks for asking.

The reason for my ramble is because, unlike my inability to ride a bike, thank goodness, my writing skills came back to me like they’d only been gone a moment, rather than nearly two years.

I forgot how naturally the words flow, how effortless it can be when you seize the threads of a new idea and suddenly your fingers can’t keep pace on the keyboard with the story flowing through you.

All this to say, the edits of my work in progress tentatively titled Seer are done.

For the second draft, at least.

I’m sure many more will come but for now, until my agent Amy has had a chance to look over the new draft, I turn my thoughts to Ezra and his next adventure.

If you’ve read and loved The Sword & Shield as much as I, now is the time to get excited.

There’s more to come.

Bye for now!

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