Truth Hurts

And so does my throat after all the screaming I did at the Lizzo concert last Thursday at Little Cesar’s Arena! When I tell you Lizzo puts the show in showmanship? She’s amazing!

In other spectacularly fantastical news, my baby sister is in town!

Laura, my younger sister, is the focal point of an entire album in my camera roll. I am so proud of the woman she’s become and am so grateful to have her as a sister.

That being said, she moved from the UP – a 10 hour drive away – to NEW MEXICO. So now instead of a day long road trip, if I want to visit her I have to hop on a 5ish hour plane ride and then drive two hours. So suffice it to say, I’ve been going through severe sister withdrawal.

We went to Target and Olgas and the mall and Parmenter’s Cider Mill.

All in all, a stellar week!

bye for now!

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