Lights, Camera, Application Submitted!

Well I did it. I wrote a 10 pager of one of my many works in progress, I filmed (with my bestie’s help) an audition video, and I wrote a pitch and author bio. The deadline was this past Thursday and, in true Emma fashion, I just barely made it.

I did my best to stand out in the video and be my genuine, quirky self while still getting my pitch across in the 60 seconds allotted. Of the thousands of authors that I’m sure have also applied, only 20 are going to be selected. So the odds are hardly in my favor and yet, hope remains alive within me!

The book I pitched for the application is a personal favorite called Phantasia. Phantasia is what happens when Inception and Alice in Wonderland have a baby. It’s very trippy and fun and I am lowkey obsessed with the possibilities available to me.

bye for now!

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