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(The first sentence of The Sword and Shield.)

Really though, just wow.  I am overwhelmed by the numbers coming in.  Almost 100 people have already visited!  Make sure you are actually opting to FOLLOW the blog as those are the numbers I will eventually present to the literary agent that is interested in my work.  It also provides you with a notification via e-mail when I create a new blog post like this one!

Unfortunately, self-promotion requires effort and maintenance, so I’m not going to allow myself to become complacent. (Eye of the Tiger playing softly in the background) I have downloaded the apps for Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger in an effort to get my name out there.  I will be posting to those, as well as to my Facebook and Instagram pages no less than twice a week.

For someone who isn’t that fond of social media, I certainly have a lot of it now!

In other news, I just completed my second book!  Well, I completed the first of many many many drafts of my second book.  As of right now, it clocks in at roughly 90,000 words, written in just over two months.  Like Nanowrimo but with more crying.  It is still unnamed, though I’m leaning towards The Seer.  Will have to think about it.

I know, as an avid reader and purchaser of excessive numbers of books, that the title is very important.  My process when buying a book is a bit like If you give a mouse a cookie: if I like the title I will look at the cover, if I like the cover I will read the back, if I like the back I will read the first page and finally, if I like the first page I will read the first chapter, and if I like the first chapter I check my bank account and then buy the book regardless of what the bank – or my wallet – is telling me. Somehow, despite that rigorous evaluation process, I still have FIVE bookcases absolutely overflowing with books!

I am also going to present it to the agent as having the potential to be two books.  If I flesh it out more (world-building, descriptions, additional scenes) I think I could do it!

Well that’s all for today,

Bye for now!

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