The Sword & Shield – Ezra Toth

The Sword and Shield has many wonderful characters, but I am especially proud of this story’s main protagonist, Ezra Toth.  He’s reminds me a bit of the love child between Deadpool and Inigo Montoya.  See below for a picture that, I believe, best represents Ezra’s appearance.

While the story could still use some polish, I have edited it to death based upon mine, and my beta reader’s suggestions.  There is nothing else I can do to make my book shine without the critical, expert eye of an editor.  That is why I’m working so hard to expand my web platform, so I can get the agent I want to take me on, so I can get published, so I can finally see my writing in a real published book!

My dream is to be shopping in Barnes and Noble one day and see my book on the shelves.  My even more daring dream is to be passing by and hear people talking about it.

Right now I’m 6k words into my third book and have hit a bit of a wall, but I’m not too upset.  I finished my second book faster than I had any right to expect so if this one takes a little longer, I won’t be too upset.  The working title is Djinni in a Bottle.  I’m not sure why, since I haven’t thought about the song in forever, but it’s just a working title.  One of my earlier writing projects was literally called WORKING TITLE.  And, more often than not, the publisher ends up changing the title anyways.  I’m trying to not be too attached to the title The Sword and Shield but it’s hard.

That’s all for today.  As soon as I get my social media platform books in I will read and review them.

Bye for now!


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