Study Time


Well, they’re here.  I never thought I would intentionally buy books like this but that just goes to show you can never predict where life will take you.  The books: Social Media for Writers, Advanced Twitter Strategies, and Create your Writer Platform (based on my reading of each introduction) are well written reference guides on the topics they propose to cover.  I’m three chapters in to Create Your Writer Platform and so far it looks like I’m doing everything right.  I’m sure when I wade deeper into the book I will find out just how much I’m doing wrong.

I got stickers and bookmarks with my web address on them and will start dispersing them throughout the community.  My sister, Laura, will be passing them out to her classmates at Michigan Tech.  I am covering the physical world and the interwebs with my website and promotional materials and posts.

In other news, I’m almost past my block on book three and have thought of a new series that will span at least three books.  Now I just have to write them all…

Bye for now!

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