Writing Contests and Bookmarks

One of the ways I am attempting to gain credibility and get my name out there are through writing contests. I have submitted a flash fiction story I wrote entitled “One for Him, One for Me.” It’s definitely not a happy story, but I manage to paint a detailed picture using only 133 Words and I’m pretty proud of that. I have entered it into the Shady Grove Literary contest as well as the Rochester Writer’s Conference’s Flash Fiction Contest category. We’ll see if they like it. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m biased.

If anyone knows of any writing events in the area let me know! I want to network at those as well. I’m going to Writer’s Digest’s “Indie Lab” conference at the end of September with Annie and Rochester Writer’s Conference in October but I’m always on the hunt for additional events.

I’ve hit the 11k words mark on book number three and am thinking it might end up as a short story unless I can think of additional plot points to flesh it out. Then again, I thought that about my second book, which clocked in at 89k words. More of the custom bookmarks I ordered came in and I am distributing them, not just to local libraries, but also out of state ones. Thanks to my wonderful sister Molly I am able to spread my name out to the D.C. area! And, when Laura goes back to M-Tech, she will be taking bookmarks and stickers to distribute! I didn’t realize how large a number 1000 really was until 1000 bookmarks arrived at my door. It’s quite a few.

I’m going to look for a few more contests to enter and try to get my name out there as much as possible before submitting my Platform numbers to the literary agent for review in September.

Courtesy of my wonderful friends at work, bookmarks will also be available in the South Lyon, Livonia, Novi, Pickney, and Henry Ford Centennial Libraries!

Bye for now!

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