Just another Magic Monday

It is 6:50 AM on Monday, August 6th, 2018. I have been up since 4:30AM. I have been at Panera writing since 5:30AM. Why, you ask, would I do something like this to myself? Why would I choose to wake before the sun even stirred from its resting place just below the horizon? Because I’m a writer and I suffer for my art (she said grumpily, downing her fourth cup of mt. dew/pepsi/dr.pepper).

I woke up from a dream this morning that I had to get down right away because, the longer I spent awake, the farther I could feel the ideas slipping away from me. The good news is, I got it down. The first page and the story outline. I even reached out to my artist friend, Marisa, to commission a sketch of the main character’s true (alien) form. Normally I’d just keep it in my mind, but this is weird enough that I want a visual to reference now and then.

All in all I have one book I’m currently working on and six stories waiting in the wings. Hopefully, by the time I’ve finished writing them, I will have thought of a new batch of ideas to keep me going for another decade or so. At least, that’s the plan. I’ve never felt closer to my goal of publishing a book than I do now. I think the literary agent who asked me to boost my numbers will be pleasantly surprised. In the beginning of July my platform was solely on Facebook with a rousing 41 followers (I’m not diminishing the wonder of my original followers, I love you all) but now – combining Facebook, Twitter, and my blog http://www.emmakhoury.com, I now have about 450 followers in total!!! Who knows where I will be by September when I submit those numbers!?!?

Anyways, I’ve been using this blog post as a way to procrastinate from the actual work I got up at ‘ass-crack-of-dawn’ to do. I should probably get back to that. I have a solid hour an a half of writing time before I have to leave for work.

Hope you all have a Magic Monday,

Bye for now!

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