Wait…WHAT? and the Story of Me

Well it’s happened. It has finally happened. A literary agent wants to sign a contract with me!!! I know this is just the first of many many steps on the path to publishing but I’m still PUMPED! This also serves as firm validation that I’m not just a good writer, but that I’m a publish-worthy writer. An author in the making!

My writing life up to this point has been very sporadic. I started really putting pen to paper when I was 12. Sometimes I would write every single day, filling up notebook after notebook full of stories. Sometimes I would go for years at a time without writing much of anything at all. Later, when I looked back at my near indecipherable notebooks, I found them cringe worthy. But that’s the reality of writing. Much like anything, the more you do, the better you get. And my writing has certainly evolved over the years.

Some of those old stories may end up revived as new source material for another book, but most of them are going to stay in their notebooks as fond memories of a less self-critical time. I’m still encountering a bit of a writer’s slump, wading through the mud when, previously, I was zooming through page after page. I think every writer has their fair share of muddy days. If writing was easy, everyone would do it. For now I just have to hunker down and put pen to paper because the only thing worse than bad writing is no writing.

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  1. Em I love you and I’m so fracking proud of you!! I’m telling everyone I know how badass amazing my sister is.

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